The Candidates

Southwark Association for Mental Health is hosting a questions/ answers/ debate evening where SIMON HUGHES (MP, Lib Dem), NEIL COYLE (Labour) and WILLIAM LAVIN (Green party) will present their own and their parties' views on the issues that affect us, and answer our questions. Candidates for the Old Southwark & Bermondsey marginal seat, theirs will be a tight contest and the MAD & DISABLED VOTES could decide who wins. Food, drink & entertainment provided.

Three parliamentary candidates will contest the Bermondsey and Old Southwark constituency and ONLY ONE MAN CAN WIN. Decide which one from Simon Hughes (Lib Dem MP), Neil Coyle (Labour challenger) and William Lavin (Green dark horse) on Wednesday 15th April at the SOUTHWARK ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH HUSTINGS starring all three. Awkward questions invited but remember - GOOD MANNERS COST NOTHING.